Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Enjoying Autumn

Summer's over, but we're out to enjoy the mild autumn before the snow flies.

We encounter a hunter out catching lunch.

A closer look.
Bailey will be 12 next month but he can still run down a young ridgeback, with Deva riding shotgun.
And he still tries to get his playmate to go faster by giving a push.


Ian Atkins said...

Hi Ken,

Fabulous photo's as usual. Autumn here too after a fairly mild September. Blue and Lucy are backwards and forwards to the vets nowadays (As they are either side of 14).

We are off for a break at the end of the week to Northumberland (A beautiful county in England) for what will probably be our last trip away with our beloved Whippets.

Glad to see Bailey and Deva are both doing well.



Ken said...

Hi Ian,
We had a wet summer so we'll take any nice weather we can get this autumn.
Enjoy your time with your precious ones.