Saturday, October 26, 2013

Long Time No Post

Life has been in turmoil for the last month since our neighbour started his house on fire (careless smoking).  This photo shows the fence between our houses, the fire started with the neighbour's shed on the right.  By the time the first fire engine arrived, our beautiful tree seen on the left was up in flames and our house was also on fire.  We're in a rented property until April, when we get to move back into our (newly renovated) house!
Meanwhile, we still get to run and play on The Hill.  The weather so far has been mostly warm enough for the whippets to run without their jackets.

Deva the mouser stalks her prey.
From before the fire, the whippets enjoy the leather couch.  Still waiting to hear from the insurance company on the fate of our belongings, we suspect this couch may be written off due to smoke damage.