Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Early Spring on The Hill

It's been a mostly mild winter and spring seems just around the corner.
They meet a new friend who's willing to play, an energetic 2 year old rescue from Mexico named Touch.
The power of a whippet!  Bailey shows that at 11-1/2 years old he can still catch a "regular" dog who's much younger.
Of course they must get their beauty rest afterward.


Ian Atkins said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your latest Bailey & Deva Dairy update. Love to see them progressing through life.

Our winter has also been mild and Spring is in the air here.

Today we are packing the car and heading to the Scottish Borders (from Oxfordshire UK) with our two Whippets (Blue & Lucy). Fingers crossed we have a reasonable week weather wise ;-)



Ken said...

Hi Ian,
Have a great trip, hope the weather's good!