Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pillow Talk

New pillows on the couch - 1 for each dog of course.
Autumn is approaching as the days get shorter.


Nancy Chow said...

I like how you matched the new pillows to the blankie I gave them!

Auntie Nancy

Ken said...

Well after all it's *their* couch.

Ian Atkins said...

Hi Ken,

Autumn is upon us here in the UK. Although temperatures are on a temporary high at the moment (20 degrees celcius) Our Whippets are enjoying the warm sunshine. As always it's lovely to see Bailey And Deva ;-)



Ken said...

Hi Ian,
We also have temps around 20 during the day, but it gets to almost freezing at night. We'll enjoy it while it lasts. All the best to you and your guys.