Sunday, May 10, 2015

May Days

We're enjoying the spring weather - it's warm enough put the jackets away but not too hot, and it's not yet mosquito season.
Deva entices a new friend over to play.

Relaxing on the deck.....
...and on the couch/Bailey.


Ian Atkins said...

Hi Ken,

I think the Mosquito season would drive me mad !!!
Our Blue (Male Whippet) will be 13yrs old on Saturday. It's lovely to see him still enjoying life (although he's quite slow and wobbly now).
The weather here is changeable but quite warm.



Ken said...

Hi Ian,
I hope your old boy continues to enjoy life, although at a slower pace. It's been a relatively dry winter and spring so perhaps the blood suckers won't be so bad this year.