Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Heat Wave

A very short-lived heat wave allowed the whippets to leave their jackets at home.  It approached double digit celcius temperatures!


Milo and Jet said...

Glad to hear it has warmed up a little bit for you over there so that you can run around free of your coats :) Milo & Jet

Ken said...

Thanks Milo and Jet. It's been colder since, and the thawing and freezing has made the trails very icy.


Ian Atkins said...

Hi Ken,

We have had a mild winter here in the UK. On Sunday we met up with around 35 other Whippet owners on West Wittering beach on the south coast of England. The weather was beautiful and the Whippets had a great time (around 45 !!)Have to say I can't wait for the Spring ;-)

Ken said...

Hi Ian, that's a lot of whippets! Sound like a lot of fun.