Monday, December 2, 2013

Hijinks On The Hill

The past week has been reasonably warm, so they got to run and play every day.  This week promises to be cold and stormy, outside play time might be limited.

At 9 years old Bailey has slowed down a bit but the cooler weather seems to have gotten him more enthusiastic about playing the chase game.
At home they make themselves comfy on my bed.


Milo and Jet said...

Looks like your having a great time playing the chase game. Milo & Jet

Ken said...

Thanks for the comment Milo and Jet. The great time will have to last for a few days, we're staying home today with a blizzard blowing in and wind chills down to -33c!


Ian Atkins said...

Hi Ken, Our two Whippets Blue & Lucy are 11yrs old and not so fast nowadays. Lucy has had two operations this year on her front legs (Carpal joint failure) so she is still recovering. As always i love to see your action Whippet shots as they are just amazing and show the full beauty of the Whippet in motion.


Ken said...

Thanks Ian. About 18 months ago Bailey was limping after a run, sometimes even after running a few metres - he would limp and lick at his front left elbow. The vet suggested giving him human grade glucosamine as the least expensive and most benign treatment. I gave him a gelatin capsule of 500/400mg glucosamine/condroitin once a day with his food and it fixed things up immediately. He hasn't limped since. It might be worth considering this for your Lucy.