Saturday, October 27, 2012

Playing in the Snow

The snow and cold has arrived and it's jacket time for the whippets.  But that won't stop them from having a grand time on The Hill - they're out for an adventure.

The cast members:
Happy-go-lucky Jett, who loves running with the whippets.

Bailey, who's now middle aged but can still chase them down.

"Little Mischief" Deva who is very speedy and especially agile.  
Game on!  Bailey does what he loves, to run and chase.

Where Bailey goes Deva has to go.


Second lap, Jett's got some breathing room.

Deva sneaks in from behind.

Bailey's got that look, he's up to something....'s his famous poke-in-the-butt!
Recharging and keeping warm.

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Maddy and Owen said...

That looks like great fun! We love to run and chase :) The pictures were really great!
Maddy and Owen