Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Puppy's Back

After a serious and potentially fatal bout with meningitis, Deva is now back home and well on the road to recovery. We are grateful to the skilled and caring staff at the Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre for their quick diagnosis and effective treatment.


PaisleyJade said...

Wow - glad to hear she's home and well!!

Yoyobugg said...

Hi Ken-
I read your blog on a regular basis and love it! I too have a whippet and he gives our family tons of joy.
I was so sad to hear about Deva's illness. I had no idea that dogs could get meningitis! I have looked into it and now know the symptoms to look for.
Best wishes on Deva's speedy recovery! I'm looking forward to seeing many more photos of your dogs in action! :)

Ken said...

Thanks, PaisleyJade and Yoyobugg, we appreciate hearing from you. Vet's orders are for Deva to take it easy but she's back to her bouncy self for the most part and wants to run around and wrestle with Bailey so I have to keep control of that.

It was a scary thing, she was fine all day, then suddenly she became lethargic and acted like a zombie. Her quick response to the treatment is a major relief.

Robin said...

Hi Ken,
My wishes for Deva's speedy recovery. I too enjoy reading about Deva & Bailey's antics and looking at your fabulous photos. I have a 10 month old whippet girl myself (also a solid brindle) and it is good to be aware that meningitis is contractible by dogs.

Ken said...

Thanks for your well wishes, Robin. She's doing well, it's a challenge not to let her run and play at full speed but we have to heed the vets' advice and give her a bit of time. We hope to have her out and running soon, just need a follow up with the vet this week.