Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fast and Agile

Although Deva can't outrace Bailey on a straight run, she's learned some effective evasive maneuvers. Here she's just made a quick change of direction.

A mere 1/5 second later, she's pulled ahead. Being heavier, it takes Bailey longer to react, allowing the puppy to gain some ground. They're going full speed, these photos were shot at 1/1000 second.

After all the chase games and excitement of playing with Giacomo on the weekend, it's time to recharge on their favourite chair.


helleogjens said...

My kind of dogs....The whippet is a "two-in-one" dog...either they are running and playing, or they sleep their beauty-sleep in the house's best chair...
I know from my 3 whippets; Misty, Tille and 'Tonia.

Whippet Good said...

Can't get enough of those lounging pics!!