Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow Puppy

Deva enjoys the result of the weekend snow storm

Launch of the snow puppy

The obligatory apres-romp rest


TwoSpecialWires said...

Wow! And I thought I (Fergi) liked to run in the snow! You are awesome!

We are doing some browsing around tonight. Our Auntie Judith and her whippet Zoe are starting a blog. We just started one of our own, and had some nice dogs and their people spread the word. So we are trying to do the same for Zoe. Her new spot is at www.snippetsfromawhippet.blogspot.com . We're sure she'd love for you to visit, cuz it's nice to know others of the same breed! As for us... we'll be back here, cuz we like you, too!

Stop by sometime,
Terriers are cool, too!
Jake and Fergi

Judith A. Novak said...

Your Whippets are gorgeous and your photography is beautiful. Zoe doesn't know about snow.. yet.. and I really miss it. Thanks so much for looking in on Zoe's blog. We will enjoy following your beauties.
Judith and Zoe