Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Tribute

This is the inaugural Sunday Tribute - every Sunday I will post photos honouring the beloved whippets who came before Bailey.

In today's post are little Masque (Ch. Nasusa Masquerade) who was able to stay with us for 14 years, and Breezer, who left us 6 weeks later at 11.5 years. Despite much effort we were never able to diagnose Breezer's root problem, the symptom was non-regenerative anemia. After Masque passed he would lie at the front door missing her terribly, we can only conclude he died of a broken heart - they were very close.

The day Masque died we found out that Bailey needed a new home. His arrival cheered Breezer up and as it turned out he's a great-great grandson of Masque's, so there is still a bit of her in the household.

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