Friday, January 5, 2007

Snow Fun

Bailey has a warm winter jacket inherited from Breezer. It's fleece-lined on the inside, primaloft middle layer and tough nylon exterior - slows him down a little, but not much. Here he is tearing around at full tilt thoroughly enjoying himself!


a&mg said...

How cold does it get for you? We know that whippets typically aren't real good in cold, but we're curious how he would handle it.

Ken said...

To a&mg:
The day that photo was taken it was about -7c (19 F), when it gets to below -10c (14 F) Bailey isn't all that happy about going out regardless of his jacket - mostly due to cold feet. My previous whippets were a bit more tolerant of the cold, in fact Breezer would roll on the ground to try take his coat off in -10c.

Here in Calgary it can go from +60 F to -22 F in a couple of days due to our proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Right now it's around freezing with a major wind chill so Bailey had his coat on for today's romp.

From reading a bit of your blog I understand you like cold weather :-) but I don't think your whippets would appreciate living in Alaska!

Thanks for looking, another entry tonight.